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2018-10-13 14:18 1147.1K

Comedy: Bhukha Alsua Category: #ComedyDukan Web Series (Sambalpuri Comedy) Episode: 27 Session: 02 Banner: Bairagi Deep Production Co-Operate: S Studio & RKMedia Camera: Ashish Panda Direction: Jogesh Jojo Writer: Durga P. Pattnaik Voice & Music: Kamlesh Chakrabarti Managed by: S Studio & Jojo J5 Production Acting: Jogesh Jojo, Manash, Fanindra, Bhumi, Biki, Sushanta Susu & Narendra To watch all Episode of Comedy Dukan: Disclaimer: All Copyrights Reserved. No one is allowed to upload it on any website or YouTube channel with the permission. Anybody who will upload it, we will claim against him/her. * ANTI-PIRACY WARNING * This content is Copyright to RKMedia. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented. 🌟 Enjoy & Stay Connected With Us !! ►Digital Media: #RKMedia /RK Media ► Subscribe to RKMedia : ► Like us on Facebook : ► Circle us on G+ : Related: Jogesh jojo new comedy, bhukha alsua sambalpuri comedy, jogesh jojo comedy video, comedy dukan episode 27, sambalpuri comedy, #JogeshJojo

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